Funeral Options

Rosebud Funerals offers comprehensive array of services to arrange, plan and conduct the funeral of your loved one.

There are many options for a funeral, and we know it can be confusing and at times difficult to understand them all. At Rosebud Funerals, you can find out the best way to honour your loved one by talking to our helpful team, who can offer guidance for the details and the service and give you inspiration with examples of what other families have done that might suit your needs.

Below are some of the options available to you for the service, and a guide to what Rosebud Funerals can offer to care for you, your family and your loved one.

Burial or Cremation?

The choice between burial or cremation impacts the type of funeral service you are planning for your loved one.
When considering arrangements for yourself or a loved one, the choice between burial or cremation is often one of the first decisions you’ll need to make. This decision often influences other important aspects of the funeral and Gateway funeral consultants can help respectfully guide you through this decision.

Some things to consider for a burial

Burial is often chosen for cultural or religious reasons and requires you to select a burial plot for yourself or your loved one. As a burial plot is a perpetual investment, it is advised that you make an appointment and visit the cemetery so that you can be shown all available memorial options before making a decision. Please ask us for more information about burial plots and availability at cemeteries as in some areas burial space may be limited.

Some things to consider for a cremation.

While burial is a more traditional option and generally allows for a service at a chapel or church followed by a graveside service (dual service), cremation is usually done privately, whereby there is no attendance from mourners at the crematorium. This means that the funeral is usually all completed in the one location. Cremation allows you many more memorialisation options in comparison with burial. Our caring and professional staff team will gladly work with you to plan for a burial or cremation as part of a funeral for yourself or your loved one.

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